BILSAT has fullfilled its mission life time as of August 2006
Because two of the cells of the battery have reached their end of life, BILSAT can not store energy on board and hence the operations have now been terminated.

TÜBİTAK UZAY Releases First Images from BİLSAT-1
TUBITAK UZAY has released today the first images taken by BILSAT-1, the first Turkish remote sensing satellite
  October 9, 2003 › More...
Home grown Turkish to be launched this month
Though Turkey already has two orbiting satellites, providing communications services to the country and the wider region.
  September 9, 2003 › More...
Turkey to launch 4th satellite in space
Turkey will launch its 4th satellite, TÜBİTAK UZAY, into space next year, the Anatolia News Agency reported.
  July 25, 2002 › More...




This is a technology transfer project aimed at acquiring small satellite technologies. The project is conducted with Surrey Satellite...
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BILSAT-1 is a member of International Disaster Monitoring Constellation Consortium- DMC.
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Moreton Island - Australia
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8 December 2005
Turkish Local Time 02:14


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